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Mental Techniques in Body&Mind System

How can we measure the moment we live in?
By tasting and smelling, by listening and touching, by measuring the time.

How can we define it? By reflecting on our experience based on the above.  

I am saying “Sweet”. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? For example, I think of a cookie. But how do I know it is sweet? My experience tells me so. I remembered how it tasted and smelled when I was eating it. What its texture was like and even what a pleasure I felt.

And now I am going to say “Separation”. I am sure many of you felt something contracting in your chest and maybe even felt a bitter taste in your mouth. Or maybe, you have even gotten a flashback of a similar event in your life. For an experience of separation has been remembered by the brain as something unpleasant, your body made a protective response (to shrink and not to let it happen again).


Our brain, its neural and mental processes shape our reality. It’s the brain who processes information received from the outside and transforms it into its own experience. Every day, every moment it creates thoughts and beliefs that put us in a specific state of mind.
If you want to live efficiently, think efficiently! Improve your emotional intelligence! It is impossible to change one’s life without changing one’s old programmes. 
I have great tools to help you rewire your brain and support it during the transformation.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
This psychological approach was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. 

It is aimed to explore “programming” patterns that appear during the interaction between  the nervous system (“neuro-”) and language structures (“linguistic”), as well as the influence they have on our bodies and behaviors. 

NLP includes:


  • Epistemology – a system of principles and definitions to structure knowledge about us and our interactions with the world


  • Methodology – processes and procedures for collection and application of this knowledge


  • Technology – instruments that allow us to apply this knowledge for goal achievement 


MINDFULNESS – You Are Where Your Thoughts Are 
This is an exercise of being present in the current moment with the help of meditation techniques. 
Its main idea is to be aware of your own sensations that you feel right here and right now, and to focus your attention on them. 
The concept of Mindfulness appeared in the USA in 1979 at the edge of neurobiology and meditation. In the following years it became more and more popular among both therapists and healthy lifestyle lovers as well as corporations. Starbucks, Apple, Yahoo, Google and others regularly organize Mindfulness training for their employees.

It is scientifically proven that practicing Mindfulness  leads to stress reduction and raises immunity. Thanks to regular Mindfulness exercises you will increase your satisfaction with yourself and your relationships. You will become more successful in establishing social connections and will improve your overall quality of life.