Esoteric Practices

Esoteric Practices

Officially, esoteric practices are not a part of the Body&Mind System. But in fact, this world and we in it are “esoteric.”

The word “esoteros” in Greek means “internal, hidden, secret”

It is believed that Esotericism is an occult magical knowledge, rituals, and so on. This view is a consequence of medieval believes. When ordinary people who did not belong to the church supremacy knew more than they were supposed to, they were burnt at the stake and tortured. For people of that time, the words “knowledge” and “development” were associated with fear, prohibition, and mortal sin.

If you are a person who considers himself or herself a developing personality, then regardless of your religious believes and skin color, you know that it is easier to control a person whose level of consciousness is closer to an animal (when almost all attention is focused on the physical aspect).

In the modern world, Esotericism is a combination of knowledge and tools that help to discover not your personality, but your essence. To know oneself outside the material form, outside all beliefs and outside all theories and sciences.

Esotericism is closely connected with many areas of life – science, psychology, society, religion. Modern researchers are increasingly resorting to esoteric experience, which is subsequently explained in scientific language. We live in an interesting era of interweaving of magic and science. For example, meditation has become a necessity just like brushing your teeth in the morning. And you do not need to be a Buddhist or a magician for that.

In my understanding, esotericism is the next stage of practice, after bodily ones. And I think that if Body & mind is a universal tool, then esoteric practices are not suitable for everyone. But if you are a person who is 100% ready to take responsibility for his life and is ready for global changes that will lead you to a better version of yourself. If your inner needs have already gone beyond making a million and buying a house by the sea. Then welcome to this world. It will not be boring.

There are only three ways of human development.

  1. Based on the experience of others and with the support of the Master, to gradually build your own path.
  2. To rely only on yourself and through trials and errors to survive and develop, the way you can.
  3. Go with the flow and sooner or later come to the first two paths

None of these three options is right or wrong. In any case you will be where you should be. You just choose what is right for you. The first option is less traumatic and faster. The second, the most painful, but not less effective. Third, just the background of the first two. People often confuse the states of “being in a stream” and “going with the flow.” We all start with the third option. But how great it would be to understand as soon as possible where you are.

                                                                   Based on this, I offer several formats for conducting esoteric practices:

Group classes

Take place in a club format. The duration of the meetings is 150 minutes, which will consist of a theoretical part, a 15 minutes break and a practical part. Classes are held on two levels.  The first level is designed for people who are interested in self-development but are not yet ready to dive deep into the details of this system. These are thematic meetings, which I will announce in advance.

The second level is suitable for you if you have already reached a certain level of awareness. The idea that we are not only a body in this physical world is by no means alien to you. And you want to master a new powerful tool that will teach you to manage your reality and be in resonance with space.

Classes are held in the format of the course. Once every two weeks. Duration 2-3 hours. Consist of theory and practice. In these classes you will receive a set of knowledge and tools that you can apply in your daily life independently by making a decision and acting according to your internal feeling.

Individual classes

They are aimed to work on your personal requests and are also a necessary assistant for group lessons of the second level. Duration of classes is 90-120 minutes. Skype work is possible.

Female power dance

For me, this is a special practice, which reveals the true female power and its mission in the form of invisible but tangible energy. The dance of female power is a non-commercial format of classes, and the collection of faeries in the circle of female power. You are already a girl, and even if you are already 100 years old. But you feel that an incredible female potential is hidden in you that you want to reveal, learn, understand and fulfill. What are you today? Woman-Fire. Woman-Water. Woman-Air. Woman-Earth. Woman-Ether. Today you are real, holistic, inspiring. Practices will be held in places of unity with nature at a pre-planned time. Just leave a request and join us.

Do you have questions?

Write me or give me a call, I will be glad to answer them.