BODY&MIND club by Alexandra Myts

This is a space for those who explore the world and themselves, themselves in the world and the world in themselves. For those who love life. For those who are in search. We do not sell services, but a resource and tools that teach you how to think effectively, feel with higher quality, move harmoniously and that help to make your life more effective.

The main concept of the club

The format of the place is a Social club where various thematic brunch-meetings, mental and bodily practices in group classes and individual sessions are held.

A place where you can just come to read a book with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, have a massage and make new friends.

This is a place for people striving for a healthy lifestyle and thinking. Being in a constant process of development, both socially and spiritually. This institution is for people looking for success in all spheres of life and ready to bear 100% responsibility for this.

Our club is designed for effective work giving real results and therefore the classes are held in mini-groups.

In order to attend a class you need to reserve a seat. If you cannot come, give another person the opportunity by cancelling the reservation no later than 12 hours before the class.

If you booked a seat but didn’t come, and you didn’t cancel the reservation at the indicated time, after the third reappointment you will be expelled from the club without a refund.

Time is our most valuable resource; it is not replenished. Losing time, we are missing opportunities.

We respect the time of the other person as well as ours.

This is one of the most important principles of a successful person.




60€/per year
  • BODY&MIND club
  • FREE events
  • "Inner Silence"
  • Discounts and special offers

Club card 80

  • Group practices – 10 classes
  • The one personal practice – 35 euro
  • Sale for all varieties of service – 10 %

Club card 108

  • Croup parctices – 16 classes
  • The one personal practice – 25 euro
  • Sale for all varieties of service – 15 %

Additional classes

1 classe – 15 euro+IVA

4 classes / month – 48 euro+IVA

subscription + 4 classes – 29,99 euro


Body&mind intelligence club

1 event  –35 euro




Personal practice

65 – 100 euros





  • Balinese relax massage 90 min 75 euro
  • Honey massage 60 min 65 eurо
  • DETOX massage with peeling 55 euro
  • Balinese + Detox 120 min   98 euro
  • Cervical collar massage 35 euro
  • Back + craneo cervical massage 45 euro
  • Foot reflexology 35 euros
  • Body peeling 35 eurо


These are classes that develop bodily awareness and bodily intelligence. Thanks to these exercises, your body will become free, flexible and strong just as much as you need in order to be effective. The main task of bodily practices is not twine, not a headstand or a 5-minute bar. It is a pleasure in how your body moves in space. This is the aesthetics of movement. This is the creation of the right habits. This is freedom from muscle clamping and pain. It is a clear head and vital energy that you feel.

Each person is the only carrier of information about his unique life. Some things we already know about ourselves, but some things not yet. In any case, this information is stored in our body, representing a whole system. Sometimes this system fails, but always requires improvement. And for this, personal training is the most effective.

The group classes are suitable for people who have not yet a clear internal request. People who have already reached a certain level of bodily awareness. Also, for people who rely on maintaining their internal and physical conditions, and do not require special correction.

This is a variety of techniques and systems for work with the body. You can read about each technique here.

Each lesson is always unique and corresponds to the general condition of the group or the needs of the client today, here and now. The lesson ends with a meditative practice that liberates the unconscious, setting up a harmonious connection between soul and body.

Inner silence

When the fatigue of the daily routine is overcome and it is necessary to be silent only with yourself, but external circumstances do not allow it. My doors are open. You can come to read a book with a cup of tea with spices, or you can meditate accompanied by enveloping music. The only rule is to turn off the phone, keep silent and enjoy your presence here and now.

* Inner silence schedule will change every week. It is necessary to follow the schedule.

Body&Mind intelligence club

These are 3 hours of efficiency, information and soulfulness.

Every week I hold esoteric and neurolinguistic thematic meetings, which take place in a warm brunch atmosphere.

At these meetings, we learn to control our thoughts, emotions and body. We get to know our essence, personality and the space in which we abide. We learn to listen and hear ourselves, to understand our needs. Get rid of parasitic conditions. Learn personal effectiveness and integrity.

Body & Mind intelligence club is a place of new acquaintances with people who will not just appear in your life. This is the place where you want to return.


I have been working with the human body all my professional life. Massage is one of my instruments. But I am not a doctor or a cosmetologist. I do not do classical lymphatic drainage or manual massages; I do not help to get rid of cellulite and don’t do treatment. But if you need it, then I will give you the contact of the best, in my opinion, experts.

I am an instructor and trainer of the Intelligent Body programs and do my own thing. Massage techniques that I use relax the body and free the head from toxic thoughts.

They are a perfect complement to the practices that we practice in the gym or in personal counseling.

But despite all the magic of massage techniques, each of them has contraindications. And before you begin the sessions, it is recommended to consult a doctor.