Body & Mind SYSTEM

Traditional definition of the Body&Mind system describes it as a teaching about conscious movement. Its main goal is to improve the physical condition of the person practicing it. For example, back and joints pain, headache, constant muscle tension, or lack of energy can be fought with the help of specific exercises. The quality of life raises as physical functions of the body are renewed.

However, my experience with the clients made me realise that if one works only with the body, the result is going to be unstable. It is crucial to change thinking habits that cause specific emotional reactions manifesting themselves in our behavior.

I have worked with the human body all my professional life and I am confident it deserves our attention, care and love. The Body is our home. Not the apartment, the city or the country, but the Body. And every day it has to balance between our mind, our soul and our ego, and to fulfill their needs. The body is the main tool to manifest ourselves in the material world. And it’s the body who gives us resources when the soul is burnt out. It is ready to do anything for the Ego to be happy and to hand over the power to the Mind. It will get sick to send us SOS-signals, until we hear.
My activity is aimed to create right conditions for the body while we try to make our Ego, our Soul and our Mind become friends. I teach to listen, to hear and to understand your own body. To be aware of your own wishes, thoughts and actions. To use your own physical and mental resources wisely.
I use bodily practices of the Body&Mind system as well as specific massage techniques to work with the body. To access consciousness and subconsciousness I apply NLP-techniques, Mindfulness and various meditations.


The requests I get most often from my clients can be put in these three simple phrases: “I don’t want to, but I must”, “I want to, but I can’t”, “I can, but I don’t want to”.   Often they are also accompanied by a series of physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

Physical symptoms

  • Muscle tension and chronic fatigue

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Memory and concentration difficulties

  • Low sex drive

  • Decreased productivity

  • High or low blood pressure

  • Hot flashes or chills

  • Increased sweating

  • Tremors and muscle twitches

  • Unexplained pain: most often headache, back or stomach pain

  • Dizziness

  • Upset stomach

  • Weight changes

  • Dermatological complaints

  • Allergies

  • Appetite disorders

Emotional symptoms

  • Irritability

  • Angry outbursts

  • Anxiety

  • Emotional tension

  • Dissatisfaction with oneself

  • Loneliness

  • Guilt feelings

Cognitive symptoms

  • Poor concentration

  • Memory issues 

  • Overthinking

  • Difficulties with decision making

Behavioural symptoms

  • Social withdrawal

  • Increased amount of mistakes at work

  • Restlessness and feeling overwhelmed

  • Alcohol or drugs misuse

  • Workaholism“Push-back” of own responsibility on others


strong and flexible body

enough resources state to achieve your goals

more harmonious interaction with others

skills to release bodily and emotional blocks

peace of mind

feeling of being in the present moment

better understanding of yourself and getting to know your real self

normalization of sleep

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